The City of Middletown Police Department recognizes the significant challenges that many residents face when trying to care for family members with special needs such as Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, autism, or other mental health disorders.  All too often, families are faced with very limited community resources and public assistance, which only adds to the substantial stress and burdens associated with managing these debilitating conditions.  In an effort to enhance the service our agency provides to our community, the City of Middletown has implemented a Vulnerable Citizen’s Registry Program.  The program will be utilized to assist our personnel in better communicating with members of our vulnerable population when they are in crisis, so that we can work more effectively with them and their families to obtain a positive outcome.  In order to join the program, families must complete a Vulnerable Citizen’s Registry Form, which will then be added to our department’s records management system.  All of the information provided on the Vulnerable Citizen Registry Form will be kept strictly confidential, and will only be made available to emergency personnel acting in the performance of their duties. The information will only be used to protect and assist the vulnerable individual identified in the registration form and provide them with appropriate assistance.

If you would like to join our Vulnerable Citizen’s Registry, please complete a registration form here and submit it to the police department either in person or via email at  If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the program, please contact the police department at 845-343-3151.